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GMIT develops initiative with Galway Technoteacher

A new collaborative working group has been established between the GMIT Department of Building & Civil Engineering and the Galway TechnoTeachers Association, with the aim of raising awareness of programmes, subjects and innovative developments in the changing construction sector and the industry opportunities presented to graduates.

The teachers’ group met in GMIT recently with a view to developing a mutually beneficial alliance that would promote construction and technology engineering at third level as well as second-level subject areas of Construction, Technology and Design & Communications Graphics (DCG) directly to students, parents and teachers. They were taken on their first tour of the GMIT Department’s state of the art facilities and given demonstrations in its numerous laboratories.

The GMIT labs are available every Wednesday to Second Level teachers and students of Construction Studies as well as TY. Contact Louise at at the GMIT to arrange a lab time.

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