Core Elements

The Core is a broad general introduction to the nature of Technology that provides students with a consolidation, extension and refinement of the knowledge, skills and techniques acquired in the junior certificate. It is intended that all elements in the core be taught in an integrative manner by means of a design and make approach in the context of safety and the impact of technology on society.

•    A Process of Design
•    Project & Quality Management
•    Materials and Production
•    Communication and Graphic Media
•    Information & Communications Technology
•    Structures and Mechanisms
•    Energy, Electricity and Electronics


Optional Modules

The optional modules allow students to undertake a more in-depth study of specific elements within the core. Each student will study two options in addition to the core. Reference should be made to the syllabus document for more detailed information.

Electronics and Control    

•       Electrical Measurement
•       Components and Circuit Design    
•       Power Supplies and Safety  
•       Electric Motors
•       Assembly of Pre-designed Circuits
•       Logic Circuits  
•       Counters and Sensors


Applied Control Systems

•       Robotics
•       Robotic Control   
•       Control
•       Programmable Devices    
•       Pneumatics

Information & Communication Technology

•       Computer Architecture   
•       Data Communications
•       Computer Networks
•       Internet
•       Multimedia Design

Manufacturing Systems 

•    Context of Manufacturing  
•    Quality Management   
•    Project management
•    Concurrent Engineering
•    Manufacturing Systems Design  & Control

Materials Technology

•    Classification of Materials
•    Properties/Structure of Materials
•    Structure of Materials  
•    Materials Processing
•    Skills Development
•    Quality Assurance
•    Production Techniques Resources

Technology Teacher Guidelines (download pdf)

Technology Syllabus (download pdf)

Technology Equipment List (download pdf)

Tecnnology Room Layout (download pdf)


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